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Sweetheart Event!

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1 Sweetheart Event! am Mi Feb 03, 2010 1:46 pm


Auf Facebook von Joymax gepostet:

Okay lovebirds, take a break from being hugged up and show us how devoted you are to your significant Silkroad other.

We want to see the spirit of love blossoming throughout Silkroad Online. Partner up with your in-game squeeze and send us an image of you and your BF\GF in-game to be entered into our Silkroad Sweethearts Screenshot Event!

Images can be simple screenshots or digitally edited but all entries must include both player’s names and the communal server you play in as well.

1st Place Couple: 20,000 SP Each
2nd Place Couple: 10,000 SP Each
3rd Place Couple: 5,000 SP Each


How to Enter:
Send an screenshot or image to joymaxcommunity@live.com with Silkroad Sweethearts in the subject line.

Please Include the Following:
1. Both Character Names
2. Server Name (Must be the same as each other)
3. JPG Screenshot (Character names and server must be in the image also)

Läuft vom 1. Feb bis 28. Feb

2 Re: Sweetheart Event! am Do Feb 04, 2010 3:25 pm


20k sp xD
das lohnt sich ja fast xtra son screenshot zu bearbeiten^^


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